Join the Male Fertility Revolution!

Virilizer was designed by scientists to cool the testicles thus optimizing sperm health. That helps dramatically increase the chances of conception – all without any hassle of ice packs or cumbersome devices. With this easy-to-use device, you can finally take control of your fertility and improve your chances of starting a family.

Easy to use and convenient

Up to 8 hours of use with a single charge of the battery-powered device. Can be used discreetly. You just need to use it for 30 minutes a day for optimal results.

Safe and effective

Our device has been clinically tested and proven to enhance sperm parameters such as motility, morphology and concentration.

Innovative and affordable

No need to faff around with ice packs or book doctor visits which can be expensive and time consuming

How Virilizer works

Science behind the revolutionary cooling fertility device

Peltier thermo-electric cooling technology

Virilizer cools and keeps temperature of testicles low using patent pending Peltier thermo-electric technology.

Why does cooling improve fertility?

How Virilizer can help start a family

Spermatogenesis is impaired with high temperatures

There is a reason why testicles are on the outside of the body: even a small increase in testicle temperature can impair the formation, number and motility of sperm, seriously impacting the male fertility.

As to why the temperature of the testis can increase:

  • Tight fitting clothing
  • Sitting a lot
  • Varicocele, which is a condition of decreased bloodlow to the testes

Why just not use an ice pack?

Drawbacks to use an ice pack are many!

  • Ice packs or gels are too cold from the fridge and can cause severe burns, in contrast Virilizer allows you to choose the right temperature right away.
  • Ice thaws quickly and will provide cooling for no more than 10 minutes – Virilizer will continue for 8hours or more!
  • Ice packs or gels are fiddly and inconvenient, whilst Virilizer can be used in whatever setting you like: at home, at work or even whilst driving!

Customer reviews


Croydon, 32

Highly recommended!

“I was skeptical at first, but after using the device for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my sperm quality. My wife and I are now expecting our first child. Thank you for this amazing product!”


South Bend, 37

Easy to use, works

” Amazed by how easy and comfortable it was to use. And the best part is, it worked! My sperm count increased by 50% in just a month. I highly recommend this device to anyone who wants to boost their fertility.”


Newcastle, 41

Will try it out

“After struggling with low sperm count for years and trying various supplements and treatments, was ready to give up. Then I heard about this device and decided to give it a try.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just use an ice pack?

Compliance is a serious issue with all ice based fertility treatments. Some of the issues that cause low compliance and usage: 1 Ice or cooled gels are too cold for effective treatment 2 Ice quickly thaws and is effective for only 5-10 minutes 3 Not everyone has access to a freezer e.g. at a work location, or whilst driving.

Why does cooling improve male fertility?

Study after study has concluded that it is the heat that severely impacts male fertility. Some studies below:

Won’t I get a frost bite on my testicles?

No, the cooling effect is gentle and you can regulate the cooling level.

How to use Virilizer?

Simply place the device snuggly on your crotch and turn it on. There has to be direct placement on the testicles. It can be done either sitting or lying down. For best effects aim for 30 minutes total cooling time, either in one go or broken into up to three 10 minute sessions.

When will I see results?

You will start to see results after 2-4 weeks of using the device. However, the results may vary depending on your individual condition and lifestyle factors.